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Keratinocyte carcinomas, also known as non-melanoma skin cancers, are among the most common cancers worldwide. In contrast, melanomas occur less frequently, but are more commonly lethal. The causes of the increasing incidence of keratinocyte carcinomas are largely speculative, but unprotected sun exposure appears to be the most important risk factor. As well, a diagnosed melanoma represents another risk factor to develop keratinocyte carcinoma. This month, presents recent findings on subsequent keratinocyte carcinomas in patients with melanoma. Several risk factors have been evidenced and they could be helpful to identify melanoma patients at higher risk of developing keratinocyte skin cancer. Healthcare professionals shall therefore encourage at-risk patients to implement preventive measures.  
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Subsequent keratinocyte carcinoma in patients with melanoma

Patients with diagnosed melanoma have an increased risk of developing second primary malignancies, such as second melanomas and keratinocyte carcinoma. A recent meta-analysis has reported that a history of a prior melanoma is a strong predictor for   Read more


Pigmented lesion of upper part of front of chest in a 53-year-old woman who had spent much time in the sun

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Last update :  2016 10 13