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Although often benign conditions, hyperpigmentation disorders, such as melasma, cause psychological and emotional distress impacting quality of life of affected patients. They have been reported to be among the top 5 reasons African American visits a dermatologist, one of the top 10 diagnoses among Latino patients, and 11th among the top 20 skin conditions seen by dermatologists. However, the pathogenesis of melasma is still not completely elucidated ... 
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Melasma: Considering the new role of visible light and oxidative stress in its management

Melasma is a commonly acquired hyperpigmentation on sun-exposed areas affecting more frequently women with darker skin phototypes. Its pathogenesis is not completely clear, but genetics, ethnicity, hormonal change and cumulative skin sun damage seem to be implicated...  Read more


Nodular lesion of rapid onset on the left flank in a 47-year-old woman. This lesion sometimes bleeds when exposed to minimal trauma.

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