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Skin cancer is a major issue of public health…Indeed, the incidence rate of melanoma has increased 15 times the last 50 years. As UV exposure is considered as an important risk factor, skin photoprotection appears as the main way to prevent skin cancer. However, besides dangerous effects, UV also induce vitamin D production, which has many important roles for general health. 
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Sun and vitamin D: Controversies and management of photoprotection

Vitamin D is produced under UVB radiation (specifically at a wavelength of 300 ± 5 nm) by epidermal cells (see figure). The initial form undergoes biochemical modifications to produce the active form that regulates calcium homeostasis and display other functions .
Even if upwards of 90% of vitamin D is obtained from sun light causing cutaneous production, vitamin D can also be obtained exogenously though dietary intake, including cod liver oil, and fatty fish such as sword fish, salmon and tuna.  Read more


Pigmented lesion of the back in a 23-year-old man with pale phototype having been exposed to the sun and with many nevi.

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